What is IPTV?

IPTV is a whole new way of watching TV. You do not need an antenna, satellite dish or any other form of equipment. All you need is an internet connection with at least 20 Mbit / s for you to watch flawlessly.

You watch IPTV through one of our superb boxes, or you can connect your SmartTV, computer, tablet, etc. The possibilities are endless.

The channels?

We have an uptime of 98.0%. This means that 98.0% of the time, all the channels work excellently. Sometimes some channels can be closed for short periods due to upgrade or frequency changes.
Anonymous Payment
The sale of IPTV is banned in the EU, it is important to use anonymous means of payment. You as a customer should be sure that no one knows what you paid for, or that you have even paid for something.
You pay quickly and easily with us with Swish, Bitcoin, PayPal or Card.

Swish and Cards are made via a third party that sends Bitcoin. The third party does not share any information with us or we with them.
Our domain holds SSL Encryption. The traffic between you and our site is encrypted.
• Diskless servers
• Anonymous IP Trackers
• No need for VPN from customer
• Encrypted and secure contact
• Database is emptied every 15 minutes
• Customer and payment information is emptied
Foreign Servers
Diskless servers based abroad. Nordic authorities have no right, and we can promise that your anonymity is secure. All traffic is encrypted and can not be intercepted.
Premium Channels
Exclusive premium channels that can not be found anywhere else.
Best Support
We are known for our support. Our customers are generous with their praise.
International Channels
8 000+ channels and 12 000+ VODs
Sports - Movies - Series - Programs
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