Film number 39 and for the individuals who have not followed the most recent exciting bends in the road in the ”Beck” universe, it is positively simple to moan, surrender and overlook viewing another ”such film where you know precisely what’s going on”.

At that point you miss something, particularly when contrasted with a few of the drained films that were going to topple the establishment.

As you likely know: when Mikael Persbrandt and the creation organization Filmlance headed out in a different direction, there was a move in what a ”Beck” movie can and ought to be. The Norwegian Kristofer Hivju stepped in as Steinar Hovland, trailed by Jennie Silfverhjelm as Alexandra ”Alex” Beijer and despite the fact that the edge was the equivalent, the shadings were moved around and new shapes showed up.

The entirety of this, obviously, influenced Martin Beck, who in the last four movies has made a couple of strides back, yet has ascended in the order and become the root supervisor when ”Beck – Undercover” starts.

Similarly true to form, the title tattles about the plot, while the first of the four new ”Beck” films gives the ball enough moving to become and have the option to hit the other three movies. The sort of domino impact and the general lines that have guided ”Beck” as of late are regularly more fascinating than the activity of an individual film. In ”Secret”, most things appear to conflict, which makes a great mixed bag that opens up the universe that has for some time been excessively packed.

The impetus for the crash is a youthful person who is discovered killed. The Beck bunch is included and finds strings to a medication organization. Klas Fredén, still played by the consistently irreplaceable Jonas Karlsson, and his gathering have had a range on a similar organization for quite a while. Examination is approaching an end. Nothing must be imperiled.

The homicide examination is progressing in corresponding with the examination simultaneously as Martin Wallström’s new character Josef Eriksson steps into ”Beck”.

Wallström is over completely known from and heavenly in the TV arrangement ”Mr. Robot”. In ”Covert” he does precisely what he should; a sort of hard-cleaned question and a very much established conviction may reflect various movements in his plan.

Screenwriter Johan Bogaeus has additionally accounted for scenes that give a more profound comprehension of the common characters. This is particularly valid for Steinar Hovland and ”Alex” Beijer, whose private lives, as they should, impact the decisions they make as experts and the other way around.

”Beck – Undercover” isn’t the best in the new flood of ”Beck” films, however brings up that the three that have been recorded can take the narrative of Martin Beck and his associates another new way.

Not all improve is, however with Martin Wallström in the troupe, it seems like ”Beck” is going to step another energizing way to step on.

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